Best Hvlp Spray Gun For Woodworking (In 2021)

Best Hvlp Spray Gun For Woodworking

The very best HVLP spray gun for woodworking has a couple of extra benefits over routine HVLP paint sprayers. It must be adjustable to get just the right pattern and layer density and the gadget ought to have the ability to spray in uncomfortable angles.

Read our Fuji Q4 review or the Fuji Semi Pro 2 evaluation for an example of excellent HVLP models for woodworking. Both of these systems are excellent for paint spraying cabinets and other woodworking.
Best HVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking


Would you still prefer a couple of more alternatives or more detail on the most crucial specifications? Scroll down for our HVLP purchasing guide so you can select the very best HLP spray gun for woodworking from our leading 5 choices.

Best Hvlp Spray Gun For Woodworking 2021

Best Choice for Beginners: Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station

Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray StationThe Earlex HV5500 excels at spray painting woodwork but still stays a really user-friendly design for newbies. It is among the very best choices for painting furniture or cabinetry.

Despite the fact that it is suggested for novices, Earlex did not make any concessions to build quality. This is an all-metal spray gun, consisting of the spray tip and needle, making this a very long lasting product.
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Among the reasons why this HVLP is so good for woodworking is how much power it keeps in its 650-watt turbine. Plus, this power is completely controllable thanks to the fluid volume control adjuster near the trigger and the push n’ click spray pattern modification.

We also actually like that the angled pick up tube enables both overhead and down spraying. This is an important function for the very best HVLP spray for woodworking.

The style itself is extremely portable and fantastic for storage. It weighs simply over 12 pounds which is simple to bring in one hand and has on-board storage area for the tube and power cord so your workshop stays tidy at all times.

The Earlex HV5500 Spray painter works with both oil-based and water-based paint materials. However, for the thicker products such as latex, it is suggested to thin the paint first.
Item Description Detail.
Performance Rating Adjustable.
Maximum Tip Size 2 mm.
Consisted of Nozzles 1.
Spray Patterns Horizontal, vertical, round.
Container Volume 1 qt.
Hose Length 13 ft.
Weight 12.17 lbs.
Guarantee 2 years.


Powerful turbine.
On board storage.
Light-weight style.
Suitable with both oil-based and water-based paint materials.


Only 1 nozzle included.
Short pipe.

Editor’s Choice: Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2.

Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2The item title may consist of the expression semi-pro however we believe that it delivers stellar professional results. Any innovative spray painter would be more than pleased with the Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2.

This is a non-bleed spray gun indicating that both the flow of liquid and air is adjustable. In a routine spray gun, just the liquid circulation is adjustable while the air continues to stream– this could develop an irregular pattern.
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Another fantastic feature is the extra-long pipe determining 25 feet long. A longer hose pipe decreases back spray and it also enables higher versatility when painting a tough to reach the surface.

The most excellent feature of the Fuji Semi-Pro 2 is that the paint container positioning is adjustable. The spray gun can be utilized as both a gravity feed or bottom feed system thanks to its very easy conversion set.

Regardless of which mode you choose to use, there is a dedicated fan pattern control and a number of air capsizes to match the specific paint products. This system has a stainless steel fluid passage and needle which is ideal for water-based and solvent-based paints.

The fan pattern is adjustable from a 1 inch round pattern to a 12-inch oval pattern. This adaptability is incredible for spraying wood because it provides the precise pattern that you need for any odd angles and curves.
Item Description Detail.
Efficiency Rating Adjustable.
Optimum Tip Size 2 mm.
Included Nozzles 1.
Spray Patterns Vertical, horizontal, round.
Container Volume 1 qt.
Tube Length 25 ft.
Weight 25.2 pounds.
Service warranty 24 months.

Versatile fan pattern.
Both gravity feed and bottom feed setup.
Stainless-steel products.
Long pipe.


Not compatible with thicker paints.

Most Versatile: Wagner Flexio 890.

Wagner Flexio 890The Wagner Flexio range is the go-to brand when it concerns paint sprayers. The Wagner Flexio 890 particularly, is a popular model due to the fact that it is such a versatile style.

Where most HVLP spray painters are just appropriate for detail work, the Flexio 890 can also manage larger tasks. This model is even advised as an outside spray painter often.
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The reason this Wagner spray painter is so flexible is its distinct nozzle design. Each system is delivered with two kinds of nozzles; the iSpray nozzle for covering big surfaces rapidly and the Detail Finish nozzle for ending up and little surface areas.

When it comes to design, this design is rather on the larger side but this does not suggest that you need to lug around a heavy paint tool. The tube and paint container just weigh 1.5 pounds together and the rest of the tool sits stable on the ground.

The bigger size is in fact a welcome feature as soon as you realize that this likewise increases the storage space. Both the power cable and paint hose pipe and the spray gun section fit perfectly inside the main system so it is a very portable style.

Both the product circulation and airflow are adjustable in this unit. On the handle, there is a control to adjust the paint circulation and the x-boost power dial, likewise on the deal with, lets you change the air pressure.

One drawback of the Wagner Flexio 890 is that the hose is rather brief, offering an overall work area of 23 feet when including the length of the power cord. This is not ideal for outside jobs and painting interior walls so we still recommend scheduling this HVLP for smaller jobs.
Product Description Detail.
Performance Rating Adjustable.
Optimum Tip Size Depends on nozzle.
Consisted of Nozzles 2.
Spray Patterns Vertical, horizontal, round.
Container Volume 1.5 qt.
Hose Length 11.5 ft.
Weight 22 pounds.
Guarantee 1 year.

Light-weight spray gun.
Versatile nozzles.
Fantastic storage and mobility.


Brief hose length.
Detail surface nozzle not compatible with unthinned paints.

Finest Hand-Held HVLP: Rexbeti Ultimate 750 Electric.

Rexbeti Ultimate 750 ElectricLooking for something more light-weight and taking up very little storage space in your shed? Then look no more than this electrical HVLP by Rexbeti that has no requirement for a big and heavy turbine.

The Rexbeti Ultimate 750 plugs into any routine wall outlet with its 6.6-foot long power cord. The only thing you have to carry is the spray gun itself and the 34-ounce product container which is available in at a total weight of just over 3 pounds.
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As you would anticipate from any of the very best HVLP spray gun for woodworking, this model has 3 fan patterns; circular, horizontal and vertical. This is rapidly adjusted by turning the spray idea dial so there is no requirement to interrupt your work to swap out spray tips.

Surprisingly, the maximum spray pointer on this compact spray gun is larger than the typical HVLP. The narrowest is 2 mm, followed by 2.5 mm and the biggest idea size is 3 mm.

The bigger tip sizes make this Rexbeti HVLP an excellent paint tool for thicker paint materials such as latex, chalk type paint, and sealers. That likewise makes this design a flexible option and a fantastic tool to have for any DIY enthusiast.

While cleaning up a paint sprayer is typically a trouble, that is not the case with this compact style. Inside the bundle, you will find several cleansing accessories that make the cleansing procedure fast and painless.
Item Description Detail.
Performance Ranking Adjustable.
Optimum Pointer Size 3 mm.
Consisted of Nozzles 3.
Spray Patterns Vertical, horizontal, round.
Container Volume 34 ounce.
Hose pipe Length Only power cord.
Weight 3.6 lbs.
Guarantee 1 year.

Lightweight without a turbine.
Compatible with thicker paint products.
Easy cleaning.
Minimal overspray.
Extremely budget friendly.


Short power cable.
Plastic products.

Best for Professionals: Fuji Q4 2894-T75G.

Fuji Q4 2894-T75GWe have already done a substantial evaluation of the Fuji Q4 but this model could definitely not be missing out on from our top 5 list for the very best HVLP spray gun for woodworking. It is by far the most reliable and high quality HVLP and so the only really appropriate option for professionals.

The Fuji Q4 works on a 4-stage HVLP turbine which is 50% quieter than the basic HVLP turbines thanks to Platinum features. It also has 60 holes to push out the hot air, a technology called Heat Dissipation Box (HDB), which keeps the turbine cool therefore more durable.
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It includes the Fuji T-75G which has a 1-quart cup gravity feed. It is a non-bleed spray gun which implies that you have more control over the flow and smoother outcomes.

Similar to the Fuji semi-pro 2, this unit has a long 25-foot pipe which is ideal for woodworking and medium scale projects. This also means that you will not need to move the turbine as much to reach all the spots at the ideal angle.

This unit comes standard with a 1.3 mm spray idea just so you might desire additional ideas on hand. Likewise, read up on how to finest store an HVLP for maximum sturdiness.
Item Description Information.
Performance Rating Adjustable.
Maximum Tip Size 1.3 mm.
Consisted of Nozzles 1.
Spray Patterns Vertical, horizontal, round.
Container Volume 1 qt.
Hose Length 25 ft.
Weight 36 lbs.
Guarantee 24 months.

Long pipe.
Professional efficiency.
Heat Dissipation Box for sturdiness.
Platinum turbine spray system for peaceful running.


Small spray idea size.

HVLP Purchasing Guide.

Finding a paint sprayer for woodworking is rather of a niche so review this guide to find which are the most essential information when shopping for the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking.
What is a HVLP Paint Sprayer?

What is HVLPHVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. In practice, this suggests that you have more control over the flow rate which is why this type of paint sprayer is suggested for detailing.

A lot of HVLP spray guns require a turbine for the air flow however there are likewise simpler electric model not needing a turbine. Usually, the turbine type is much more effective and so more versatile in use.
Adjustable Controls.

Adjustable ControlsSince these spray guns are created for detailing, it is essential to have as much control as possible. Try to find an unit with adjustable air flow, adjustable product flow, and an adjustable spray pattern.

Ideally, these controls are on the spray gun itself so that they are easy to reach while working. With many controls additional spray idea sizes are lesser however when working with various paint products it is still convenient to have a number of on hand.
Product Use.

MaterialA full metal spray is always preferable but this is especially the case with a HVLP for woodworking. These systems tend to be more expensive so you want to get as much use out of them as possible.

HVLP WeightThe weight of the real spray gun is more important than the weight of the rest of the system. This is because the spray gun is the part that you will actually be holding in your hand while the remainder of the paint tool rests on the ground.

A lighter spray gun reduces tiredness which implies that it is also more comfy to work with. Keep in mind that many systems have a 1-quart cup so whenever that is filled the spray gun does weigh more.
Spare Parts.

HVLP Spare PartsA durable HVLP has changeable parts. Examine whether your favored model has a changeable needle, spray pointers and so on. A few of these extra parts may be covered by the guarantee but that is not constantly the case.

Consult the user handbook for the conditions of the service warranty. This is another reason that metal parts are preferable over plastic parts. They are less vulnerable to wear and tear.