Best Woodworking Square (In 2021)

Best Woodworking Square

In the woodworking industry, there are a number of tools that you need to be gotten ready for your tasks. From levels to power tools to smaller items like hammers and drills, the list can get quite long. One crucial tool that you should think about is the very best woodworking square.

The thing is you can’t simply go grab any old woodworking squares. You would be shocked that there are some choices out there that simply aren’t the best when you require them. There is an overwhelming number of alternatives out there also so you can quickly seem like you are in over your head, lightheaded with all of the woodworking squares, and still no idea which ones are really excellent alternatives or not.

Fortunately is we can assist! We’ve arranged through the options to discover you the best to attempt square for your woodworking requires. The best woodworking square options can easily vary depending on your requirements so we’ve put together a thorough list of top-rated woodworking squares complete with woodworking square evaluation information to provide you with a variety of value and a variety of alternatives to select from.

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In this guide, we will cover the very best woodworking square in detail and then you can utilize that information to make an informed choice what to try squares for woodworking and more!
Woodworking square and tools
Image by Cleyder Duque from Pexels
Top Rated Woodworking Squares

As you look through the best square woodworking alternative for woodworkers, keep your requirements and other preferences in mind to make a decision. Whether you’re searching for something metal or products that guarantee accuracy, we’ve got you covered. Your angles are necessary, as is whatever else on your woodworking jobs so watch for multiple design alternatives and after that stay tuned for a buying guide with some essential elements that could make a difference as well.
1. Best Overall Woodworking Square– Starrett 10H-6-4R Cast Iron Square Combination Square
Starrett 10H-6-4R Cast Iron Square Combination Square
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This Starrett 10H-6-4R Cast Iron Square Combination Square is the very best square for woodworking total in our books. It’s one of the most accurate woodworking square items out there and the fact that it is a combination square is something we also value in terms of finest woodworking squares. This mix square is a product that offers you a reputable menu of performance from deal with to line and everything in between.

This square is a good value for the cash. The accuracy is well rounded and this is among the most highly rated wood squares you will find on the marketplace. Starrett seems to get it right with the angles with this one.

The length is about 6 inches and the price relates back to the product used from end to ends. This is a cast iron square from the store of qualifying purchases and woodworking tools. The markings are clear and concise as squares need to be. The square blade is accurate and hardened. The handle has a reversible lock bolt so you can turn this over and work from end to ends with the exact same gadget to match any length you require.

Starrett is a well-known name in the squares industry. From framing square options to a heavy duty tool like the mix squares you see here. Make sure you take a closer take a look at this woodworking tool as it is one for the books and is the very best woodworking squares 1/16 and more on our list.


Accurate 90 degree precision
Variety of measurements on the blade from 1/8, 1/16 to 1/64
Markings are simple and easy to check out
Mix square provides adaptability
Cast Iron head for long-term woodworking square use


The products of the lock make it challenging to lock down

Why We Like It: This Starrett woodworking square makes it to the top of our list because it is well made and easy to check out. With trusted markings and evaluations, the accuracy of the Starrett squares actually sticks out on the menu. This one is well worth the price and certainly deserves the chance to be there for your needs.
2. Budget Plan Choice– Irwin Tools Combination Square
Irwin Tools Combination Square
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Next up, we have an Irwin Tools Combination Square that pertains to you at a spending plan friendly rate. This simple square is a very perfectly made woodworking square that is great for an amateur or a knowledgeable woodworkers. This square set uses a sleep stainless steel blade and precise readings and markings. The deal with likewise has a bubble level within it, which is constantly a great addition to these tools.

Irwin is a known name and these 12 inch mix squares are a reliable tool, specifically considering the fine price variety. The body is not steel however rather a resilient cast zinc product integrated with the steel blade. The length gives you a lot of room to deal with in the shop.

This has unbelievable worth as a product and it offers both precision and other relevant item functions that all of the best woodworking squares need to have. This is excellent for 90 degree or 45 degree markings so you can ensure your angles are right on target.

Apart from being a dependable woodworking square, you have a stainless steel blade, accuracy you can count on, a bubble level for speed square efforts, and a complete 12 inch tool blade for a lot of length. This one offers you price and worths that some models just will not use.


Irwin products are trusted for the best rate
12 inch length
Stainless-steel on the blade
Trustworthy handle with a bubble level attached
Basic tool with great length and product


If you eliminate the blade from the manage, it can be challenging to put back together
Some of the edges feel a bit sharp to the touch

Why We Like It: The Irwin Tools mix square is a great choice for try squares as a woodworking square. This one has a budget plan friendly cost and can be appropriate for even strong work. Whether you require 6 inch or 12 inch, you’re covered by the blade and the markings are accurate and trustworthy.
3. iGaging Double Square Set
iGaging Double Square Set
Inspect Latest Price

Next up is a double square set that is actually amazing from the iGaging Double Square Set choice. These 2 squares provide you with a woodworking square for every single circumstances. From an aluminum handle to a chrome blade and reputable markings so that you can ensure your work is precise when you put these tools to the test.

With this double square set, you can rely on the two squares to provide you with precise markings that are really easy to understand and read. They are clear and concise on the blade. This double square set is made to US Standard and Accuracy Squareness requirements and also comes with one storage case to secure your item.

This set comes at a great rate compared to other similar design choices. The blades are made with solidified chrome metal product on this one and the manage is basic. It’s no wood manage but these woodworking squares certainly use dependable length and accuracy like the name is known for.

Each line is exact on each tool blade so you never have to stress whether your line is off or not. The manage is adjustable and the bigger shot square has a bubble in it too so you can put this one to fantastic usage and then some.


A quality tool with reputable product
Made with chrome metal instead of steel or wood
Deal with on one has a bubble in it
Each line provides accuracy and accuracy
Double set model woodworking squares


The head can be difficult to move and adjust
While the markings are precise and clear, some of the line colorings reduces exposure

Why We Like It: If you’re looking for a set, these woodworking squares are really good and coordinate well together. Each shot square is dependable and precise, providing you with a quality tool to maneuver with wood or steel or any other item. Your angles and your markings will shriek of accuracy with this model.
4. Swanson Tool Co 7-Inch Speed Square
Swanson Tool Co 7-Inch Speed Square
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If you’re looking for a Swanson Tool Co 7-Inch Speed Square design, we’ve got you covered with a conventional square, that is actually a triangle. We say that all in fun, this type of square is a classic item. You do not have to mess with a manage or a blade, you simply line it up on your wood and go. With this model, you get a shot square, miter square, line scriber, protractor, and saw guide all in one product.

You can count on the accuracy of your angles for precision and the material is also fantastic for the tool. These tend to come at a pretty terrific price also so that’s constantly a great bonus. This model has remained in creation given that 1925. It has actually always been a necessary item and will continue to be such.

This specific model includes a Swanson directory so you know precisely how to utilize it and even the very best method to understand the tool for different uses and angles. This steel tool is known by name and it certainly won’t let you down when you need angles and precision plus fast precision from your item.

You will discover that this has cutouts and all of the variations of measurements for all of the most popular usages. No combating with a deal with but you still get quality steel and quality precision that you count on from this kind of product. In fact, you may even get more feasibility with this one tool than you finish with lots of others.


Speed triangle model tool
No handle to contend with
Includes a Swanson blue book comprehensive guide
Steel products for long-term usage
A high quality tool with a promising price


The steel is not smooth to the touch
The lettering inscribing is crude and not well done for the brand or price

Why We Like It: In terms of squares, this tool is a traditional staple. While it doesn’t have 1/8 measurements for you as part of the blade, these squares give you all of the angles to move quickly and successfully. It’s a quality stainless-steel woodworking square that can change your shot square among other things.
5. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools Mini Square
Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools Mini Square
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A Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools Mini Square can be a finest solution to have on hand for your woodworking square needs too. While you might not discover these in stainless-steel with a hardwood manage or some other material. These make great carpenter tool services as a square due to the fact that they are light-weight and very easy to use without a hardwood manage and even a large stainless steel blade.

This specific square is made with high quality aluminum rather than stainless-steel. It is mini in size so it may not replace your try square or be perfect for every woodworking square scenario you find yourself in. It is best to be completely prepared for any task and this square simply provides some additional functionality and versatility for your toolbox.

The Woodpecker mini square uses a 1 1/8 inch by 2 inch measurement with a 90 degree angle. It’s terrific for edges and cutting functions, instead of dealing with blade. You can also utilize it in conjunction with other squares.

This is made in the USA and is likewise covered by a life time warranty. While our evaluation is not geared towards it, this brand has a full-sized steel square that is extremely possible, which you can find here.


High quality brand name that utilizes user-friendly designs for their squares
Made with lightweight aluminum rather than steel
No blade or manage to contend with
Pocket-sized mini square service
Square is made in the USA and covered by a lifetime service warranty


Considering that this square is mini, it may have more minimal use
A couple of users think this square is overpriced for what it is, merely because of trademark name

Why We Like It: Woodpecker is a quality brand and their squares have constantly stuck out in the industry. While this is no steel square, it offers a little versatility and usefulness in its own way. It’s constructed for durability and resourcefulness and that is a highest for a woodworking square.
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Woodworking Square Buyer’s Guide
A male utilizing among the best woodworking square for his woodworks
Image by cottonbro from Pexels

Now that we’ve shared a few of our preferred woodworking square choices with you, let’s discuss what you may want to keep in mind as you try to find the best option for you. There are a great deal of different information to remember, so we developed a buying guide to supply you with insight and other helpful material to make a notified choice along the way.

Among the assisting concepts of picking your woodworking square will be precision. A try square or any other type of square is just as good as its accuracy. If you can’t count on the accuracy of your decision, it’s a total waste of your money.

After all, aren’t you using a shot square or another square type in order to make sure precision on your task?

If the blade can’t supply you with accurate and precise markings and angles, it defeats the purpose of using squares with your usage. You need to enable yourself to be really choosy and particular about this detail and search for an accuracy rating to understand the square in question.

Next up, let’s discuss materials. This is important however it is likewise something that you may simply not be picky about. A great deal of squares out there utilize things like stainless-steel for the blade and this is certainly among the most popular options and one we can get on board with.

There are other metal solutions that can fit well as well. While stainless steel is streamlined and glossy, it can be rough around the edges so a couple of makers pick to utilize aluminum or perhaps cast iron rather than stainless steel.

Whether you’re looking a shot square or another square, it does not need to be stainless steel to be an excellent square. You simply desire it to be smooth and constant and more suitable not fall apart the very first time you utilize it.

Next up, the blade will make a distinction. While not all blades will look like the shot square or mix square, these are what you will utilize for your markings and measurements. This is the metal or stainless-steel that you will really wish to look for.

You likewise want to have a look at how it’s significant and the readability. You wish to be able to easily change the manage on the blade and be able to see your blade detail quickly when you need it. This is the piece of the tool that will direct you through whatever you might be utilizing it for.
Homemade Vs. Pre-Made Square

There are numerous suggestions out there for making your own square at home. While you can definitely attempt that simply bear in mind it can be extremely difficult. Do not take this on unless you are ready for the obstacles to accomplish both precision and accuracy with the job.

On the same note, it can be a fun challenge. Numerous studies and info expose that expertly made squares tend to be more consistent in both accuracy and precision so if you choose to attempt to make one by yourself, simply know that this is a risk you will be taking.

Either square can be a great option however if you want the most dependable precision, we recommend a professional option.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the very best Square for Woodworking?

We prefer the Starrett option, which you can discover more about in our finest total option in the evaluations above. This one is a well-rounded optimal square with versatility and dependability. There are plenty of terrific choices out there to select from as well.
What is the very best Combination Square?

Once again, we will point you back to the best overall listing in our evaluations here. Starrett is our preferred for a mix square but you can discover some other terrific choices too. We likewise actually like the Irwin model shared in the budget pick.
What Does Square Mean in Woodworking?

In woodworking, a square does not literally imply making a square however rather making your project square to an edge. It allows you to check this for precision however likewise to examine your angles on the same note.

We hope that you find this guide to choosing a woodworking square to be an important and informative resource for the cause. There are so many various options out there and things to know that can drastically affect your choices. Eager in mind your own needs and know that adaptability and price may have an impact on the ones that choose you.