Best Woodworking Tools (In 2021)

Best Woodworking Tools

When we first started in our woodworking journey it was, like for lots of people, with second-hand tools and whatever low-cost tools we could manage at the time. An old belt sander, the most inexpensive drill from a big box store, a hand me down circular saw. Thankfully, they still finished the job and assisted me along as I grew as a woodworker. As my woodworking has actually progressed though I have started updating to the best woodworking tools I can manage.
Why Buy the very best Woodworking Tools?

Purchasing quality tools can produce a more secure time in the store, increased precision, increased capabilities with size and power, and in general a more enjoyable woodworking experience. While I still, for example, utilize an old $150 Grizzly jointer it is picky enough that I seem to spend more time tuning it than actually using it.

With limited time in the shop due to being a full-time stay at house papa, this suggests it cuts into my woodworking time and earnings from preparing Etsy sales.

Buying the best woodworking tools also does not always imply you have to break the bank. For the majority of us, woodworking is a life time pastime and updating tools suggests one or two purchases a year.

Heck, we haven’t bought a brand-new tool, besides an air purification unit, in practically 2 years now!

The last tools we bought prior to that were brand-new Carter and Sons woodturning gouges and scrapers. After a few years of switching on a hand-me-down set of chisels and an only gouge I had purchased brand-new, it was lastly time to upgrade to some of the best woodturning tools on the market.

Overall, they have actually been a big upgrade to our turning performance but definitely weren’t a need when initially beginning.
Weighing Quality Versus Price with New Tools
Finest Woodworking Tools Venn DiagramEvery woodworker’s issue

Purchasing the very best woodworking tools does not need to indicate purchasing the most pricey or the greatest tools. The very best will always be a subjective answer based upon your particular woodworking needs, spending plan, and store space.

In my shop I acquired a new bandsaw a couple of years ago that I felt was the best bandsaw … for me!

While a bandsaw– like this one– may be the “best” bandsaw on the market due to its power, size, and quality. It definitely isn’t the best for me as it is:

unaffordable for me
doesn’t suit my store
draws excessive power for my store

In the end, I ended up choosing the Laguna 14bx which is an amazing bandsaw and does whatever I need it to do. And it checked the great price, works well and suits my shop areas of the diagram.

With all that said we can still recommend some of the very best woodworking tools that we feel fit within all of those categories for a lot of woodworkers.

If you’re brand-new to woodworking feel free to check out our post on the best tools to get started with for a brand-new woodworker
Our Recommendations for the Best Woodworking Tools

These cover all the tools that make up the structure of a well-outfitted woodworking store. We feel they use the very best mix of price, size, and capabilities. Some tools, like the jointer, we feel are well worth upgrading to a near top of the line model. While others we are more than delighted with the mid-level choices as the upgrades to the next level are not always worth the expense. Particularly for a hobbyist-level woodworker.
Sawstop Table Saw

There isn’t much to state about Sawstop table saws that many don’t already know. They are the only table saw offered that will conserve your fingers if they are available in contact with the blade yet they do not compromise on quality. These saws are totally capable for the hobbyist woodworker as much as large scale commercial stores. Our next tool upgrade will be for a Sawstop.
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Laguna 14-12 or 14bx Bandsaw

The Laguna 14bx is without a doubt our most used tool in the shop and probably the best tool purchase we have actually ever made. The 14-12 and 14bx have a few small differences like 110v vs 220v, a foot brake on the 14bx, and a slightly various building and construction but general they are the same size when it pertains to cutting capability. We chose the 14bx for the foot brake and bigger, 220v motor however both are incredible band saws.
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Powermatic 8-inch Helical Head Jointer

As I discussed earlier I still use an old, cheap 6-inch Grizzly jointer in the shop and every time I utilize it I imagine updating to a bigger helical head jointer. The Powermatic 8-inch jointer checks all the boxes. Helical head for a quieter operation and smoother surface, 8-inch ability, longer infeed and outfeed tables, and a quality made tool that will stay true.
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Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw

This is among those cases where, while I would enjoy a Festool Kapex miter saw for my shop, there is no other way I can justify an $1,100 dollar difference in between that and the Dewalt. This saw is totally capable of cutting broader stock while still being exceptionally exact and is a must have for practically any woodworking shop.
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Dewalt 13-inch Planer

This is another example where mobility and cost triumph over tool abilities. I have actually utilized this planer for years now in the shop and it has actually served its function 1000 times over. It is small enough to wheel underneath the wing of my table saw yet can more than deal with nearly anything I throw at it.
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Festool Domino

Like the Sawstop provided for table saw safety– the Festool Domino reinvented the concept of making woodworking joinery simple and accessible. There is simply nothing else on the market that makes joining 2 pieces of wood together this easy and elegant. While we do not own a domino in our store we have actually invested lots of hours starving over one. Until then it is back to the table saw and router jig for our mortise and tenons but the day for an upgrade is coming soon.
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Powermatic Lathe

Powermatic uses a complete line of bulletproof lathes that are a fit for almost any woodshop. In my existing store, I am quite tight on space and have an eye out for a much shorter bed lathe. My dream upgrade though is to this 4224B as it might extremely well be the very best lathe on the marketplace today. Its mix of weight, power, and size produce a lathe that will last a life time.
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Jet Dust Collector

The first year after we finally had space to set up a woodworking shop I had no dust collection. A lot of days that meant opening the garage door, placing on a dust mask and establishing a fan to blow the dust outside. Fortunately we didn’t have any incredibly close neighbors but it still was not an ideal solution. Now that I’m in a smaller space dust collection is an absolute should and the Jet dust collector is a strong alternative. It has a small footprint, is quickly movable around the shop, and has enough power to keep the dust to a manageable level. Paired with a hanging air filtering system it keeps the dust in our garage to a minimum.
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Bosch Random Orbit Sander

I’ll begin by stating I use Bosch sanders practically every day in the shop and I enjoy them. The dust collection is excellent, they leave a tidy surface and they are mostly bulletproof. This sander can be linked to a shop vac that makes a huge distinction in the quantity of dust produced while sanding.
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Dewalt Drill/Driver Combo

A power drill was another tool where I count on an underpowered, inexpensive version for method, way too long before upgrading. This Dewalt combination set can almost always be found on sale someplace and was an enormous upgrade when I selected it up a couple of years ago. The batteries appear to last permanently and it has sufficient power for virtually any job.
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Bosch Router

The Bosch router set seems like one of those tools that you’ll discover in nearly any woodshop in the nation. While palm routers have certainly taken off in appeal, and for good factor, a full-size plunge router is still an extremely useful tool. I have actually used mine to cut butterflies, chamfer and round over edges, and cut mortises and dados. It is hard to beat a tool that can do all of that for under $200!
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2 Cherries Chisel Set

It was a tough choice to make between the Narex chisel set and this one. Narex definitely gets the nod for the beginner woodworker however if we’re taking a look at the very best woodworking tools for the money then the Two Cherries set gets approval.
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Bessey Parallel Clamps

Clamps. The tool every woodworker has however always needs more of. While they are expensive these clamps are absolutely worth the money if you’ll be doing any big glue-ups where preserving a flat surface is necessary. We use these and small, 12-inch f-style clamps one of the most in the shop. These pipeline clamps are another great addition if you have really periodic requirements for extra-long clamps. We keep half a dozen sets around the shop just for these requirements.
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